June 7 Show!

Posted on May 17, 2012

We're almost done with our next record and finally doing shows again! The first one will be June 7 at the new Neumos downstairs, Barboza, with Nightmare Fortress and Secret Shoppers! Event details here.

Interview in Seattle Peach!

Posted on Apr 11th, 2012

Check out this interview of Corina in Seattle Peach. Thanks Brooklyn!

Here's a glimpse:

A trio of siblings born and raised in the SEA, The Tempers have been tearing up stages across this great city and beyond for a couple of years now. Fusing electro with a bit of garage rock and a strong new wave influence, the Tempers DIYed their first record back in 2010 and have been going strong ever since.

Seattle Peach has to tip her hat to this band because the Tempers were doing the glam-goth thing years before its recent fashionable resurgence. Front woman Corina Bakker’s dramatic rock ‘n’ roll style is certainly trendsetting–her look draws attention on and off the stage. Known for their totally crazy live shows, Corina does the most when she’s got a mic in her hand, and the group always looks amazing. Careful attention has been paid to the visual side of the performance. It’s sparkly and spooky, it’s dazzling and disquieting, it’s dead disco. Read more...

Monday, October 31, 2011 HALLOWEEN!! @ Sole Repair, Seattle, WA
with Brite Futures and DJ's TBA, 9:30pm FREE! 21+

The Stranger 'Poster of the Week'!!

Posted Oct 19, 2011

There's a perfectly nice color version of this poster by Corina Bakker out there, but sometimes you just don't recognize a poster's true greatness until it's six feet tall, wheat-pasted onto the chaos that is the wall across from the Stranger offices...click here to see the full article by Aaron Huffman

Poster Of The Week

Photo by Aaron Huffman

Oct 22 @ Lofi with Moonjuice and Secret Shoppers 21+ $6 9pm

Saturday, October 22 @ LoFi Performance Gallery, Seattle, WA
With Secret Shoppers and MOONJUICE, 9pm $6 21+

See You There!

Check out our photo blog from our trip down to Portland!

You won't regret it!!!

Review of Portland Show w/ Wampire

posted Aug 5, 2011

Thanks Kyle Helstein!

"From a tank of gas and a two and a half hour drive comes The Tempers. A family band hailing from Seattle, this band is generating lots of noise with its very unique sound. Corina, Chalia, and James bring new sounds to the table that will definitely inspire a new generation of musical talent. With the release of its full-length album, “Vol. 1”, The Tempers are on a continuous journey to electro-rock stardom. Corina with her unique vocals and melodies, Chalia with her thick drum beats, and James with his 60’s style keyboard skills made the crowd get off its feet and dance to the unique brand of music. If I wasn't lugging around my camera equipment I would have been dancing too." -Be Portland (Kyle Helstein)

Read full article

Thank you!

posted Aug 5, 2011

Special thanks to everyone who supported our Kickstarter project! Thank you Michael Epton, Robert Flanary, Robert Shuey, Evgueni Samochine, Amaya Souarez, Kevin Kauer, Patricia Klintberg, Sonya Hamberg, David Crump, Jon Gentry, Donna Meyering, Erica Jou-man Huang, Daniel McManus, Kevin Maxon, Angelina Jean, Matthew Wilson, and David Shelander. We wouldn't be able to make our next album without you!

Kickstarter Project

posted May 25, 2011

Help The Tempers release a new EP of their latest, greatest material! We have just launched a kickstarter to help fund the release. Check out the video.

Visit our Kickstarter page!

New Stuff Soon!

posted May 9, 2011

Thanks to everyone who's bought our music, shirts, and came out to our shows! Your support is helping us to continue doing what we love to do! We are currently working on some new recordings, release date TBA. In the mean time we've just announced a couple awesome summer shows!

Check them out!

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