Vol. 1 Review on Mishka Blogin

posted February 28, 2011

Mishka Bloglin

"And it’s an easy monster to love—the beast with a heart of gold, you know, Frankenstein and the flower—provided you’ve got a taste for the stage-lit macabre. Everything about Vol. 1 is eerily emphatic: the gypsy trance of “Nile Style” and “Speaking in Tongues” circus organ, a hulking near-Italo bass on “Alone Again”. And Corina Bakker’s voice, that swirling, trilling, growling ghoul of a thing, projecting to the back row even in a whisper; hers is a voice that shatters rooms, sends villagers running. But it’s all so warm and embraceable, those disco lilts and slinky guitars, that you’re utterly compelled to go down the rabbit hole with them. To dance and move and hulk right alongside that gilt-hearted monster, because The Tempers, they may be eating pop music alive—but they’re spitting it back at you with an other-world sheen. Ungodly good stuff." Read more

The Tempers, Ononos and Maliakat dan Singa

posted February 8, 2011

Check it out here: The Tempers, Ononos, and Arrington de Dionyso at The Comet Tavern review - SSG music

The Tempers, Ononos, and Arrington de Dionyso at The Comet Tavern

Thanks Daniel Ahrendt for the awesome review!

Review on Mishka Blog

posted January 21, 2011

Being "Alone Again" Is a Spooky Good Time

Seattle’s The Tempers are a perfect example of how music has evolved in the Emerald City. Gone are the days of grunge or even grunge influenced sounds as today’s bands, while paying homage to those before them, have their own unique sound and style. In the case of this family trio, The Tempers rely heavily on drum machines and corpse paint...read more

Review in Vice Mag :)

posted January 15, 2011

Vice Magazine

I’ve got no clue how well this weirdo triangle music is going to go down in the New Year, or what it’s going to be called (“jizz-bop” or “watery fag trance” are my suggestions), but I can’t help but think that greasy-bearded art-student types will appreciate it for their disquieting loft-bed mating sessions every bit as much as I will appreciate it for editing my Castlevania speed runs on YouTube.
...read at viceland

Buzzlegoose Album Review!

posted December 20, 2010

Check out the first review of Vol. 1, even if you've never been to a "dance party" or listened to "rock & roll" you may still be strangely attracted to our sound!


...This band, undeniably, has talent, and plenty of it. The melodies from the keyboard are interesting and have enough variety from song to song to keep you entertained; the drums hold a steady, consistent beat that force your head up and down in an eerie kind of daze; the guitar and bass spice things up enough to liven the mood without becoming too overbearing; the bizarre interstellar noises in the background send your head spinning...read more

Oh and if your reading, Chris Barlow, thanks for the review!

"Alone Again" Music Video

posted November 18, 2010

The Tempers Vol.1 Out Now!

posted November 1, 2010

The Tempers Vol.1 Cover

The Tempers Vol.1

Released October 31, 2010

1. Alone Again
2. Discorporate
3. No Direction
4. Love
5. Nile Style
6. Easy Livin'
7. In Roses
8. Speaking in Tongues
9. Fix
10. Galactic Love
11. Space Race

Buy it here!

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